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American Truck Group, LLC was established to put truckers back on the road to prosperity.
As a corporate citizen and national competitor, we feel compelled to structure our core business model around using resources responsibly to create long-term value.

Our facility in South Mississippi is located along freight-critical Interstate 10, near Hwy 49. Nearly a million heavy duty trucks pass our way every month. A prominent fuel station is located just blocks away, which guarantees regular drop-ins from drivers.

The coming years will see the completion of Mississippi HWY 601/I-310, which will connect the Port of Gulfport directly to I-10. This new thoroughfare will give truckers a straight line to a booming port with millions of tons of freight and run within one hundred feet of our front door.

Our facility in Atlanta, GA is located just outside of the city limits off I-85, another popular heavy duty truck route, but toward the eastern region of the US.

Our facility in Phoenix, AZ is off the 202 loop in Mesa city limits. This facility serves the west US and completes a path across the country for our services to network and build.

These satellite facilities are strategically located to further boost the visiblity and commitment our company has to offer the heavy duty trucking industry. Our mission at American Truck Group, LLC is to bring resources to truck drivers allowing them the opportunity to be their own boss. With our many departments teamed up to ease the responsibilities involved for owner-operators, we continue to deliver our promise of opportunity as we branch out across the nation.

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