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At American Truck Group, LLC, our innovations ensure the evolution of our vision.


Heavy Duty Paint Booth

At American Truck Group, LLC‘s corporate headquarters in Gulfport, Mississippi, commercial vehicles are moving in and out of the custom heavy duty paint booth daily. The state of the art paint booth was built with health, safety and efficiency in mind.
The size was specially crafted to fit the colossal size of a semi truck still allowing adequate work space and airflow. Exhaust filters were built into the booth’s wall construction to protect the quality of the air and the health of the painters during spray-painting operations. The booth allows for clean, well lit, well ventalated enclosed area for spray painting quality finishes.

The Propane APU

The Propane APU provides a new way to heat, cool, and power the inside of your sleeper without the high cost of diesel. We took an average APU unit, hooked it up to a propane powered generator, and created a whole new way to heat, cool, and power your truck without keeping your diesel-drinking engine running. The technology behind the Propane APU was inspired by the propane units on buses.

The Propane APU was invented to solve the crisis high diesel costs presented. The traditional way to power a truck cab was with diesel, requiring drivers to leave their engines running on rest stops. The costs to keep a truck running all night competes tightly with the expense of staying in a hotel for the night, where the driver would have the luxury of a shower and bathroom.

Our Propane APUs are on a number of trucks in our inventory, and our customers love the new amenity. As propane is a cleaner burning fuel, it puts fewer harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Several of the trucks in our inventory also have traditional APU units as well. Watch to see how our APU works and what makes it different from any other with its remote features and extra electrical outlets.


The Annaite Tire – winning with quality

Recently, we ordered a specialty tire to introduce to the market. These tires weigh a fraction of the weight of your average semi tire. American Truck Group’s Chinese tire manufacture affiliate was put into operation with its new state of the art facility in August 2001 after a year’s construction starting in August 2000. The first-phase project possessed ¥40 million fixed assets, two boilers of 35t/h installed capacity, and two 3000-kw turbo generator units that were put in operation on August 15 and 18 in 2001. Since beginning operations, the company had shouldered the responsibility of power and steam supply for all the enterprises under American Truck Group’s Chinese tire manufacture affiliate and all the units in the town. This eased the serious situation of energy waste and air pollution and provided good production and living conditions for the enterprise’s development. The first-phase project achieved an annual energy output of 50.4 million kwh, an annual steam supply of 0.35 million tons, and annual profits and taxes of ¥12 million.

Compare our tire to the leading truck tire company’s tire:

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