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Helping Truckers Across America

American Truck Showrooms — Doing What No Other Truck Dealer Will Do – Helping Truckers Across America
GULFPORT, Miss., Dec. 8, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — American Truck Showrooms is proud to announce and introduce an innovative program dedicated to our customers –

“The President’s Club”

The President’s Club takes a long-term approach in serving their customers. The service agreement limited warranty is a great asset that supports customers in a way that only family would do. When the customers belong to the President’s Club they belong to a team, it’s like having their own personal secretary. The customers benefit from the President’s Club by being part of a team that has vast knowledge in dealing with breakdowns and repairs. We offer breakdown hotline services and provide customers with the assistance needed to keep them on the road.

Understanding how the components of the truck operates, is the first step in being a successfully owner-operator. The President’s Club has a team of truck experts that educate each owner-operator on carb emissions, pre-trip inspections, and preventative maintenance. All members are encouraged to inspect the truck thoroughly before leaving. In the event that a mechanical issue is found, the service shop fixes it for free! American Truck Showrooms (www.americantruckshowrooms.com) strive to provide the best service possible. Large or small, the President’s Club has your solution.

American Truck Showrooms www.americantruckshowrooms.com has reached out to other national warranty companies and compared service plans. They found that their program is leaps and bounds above anything that the national companies can offer.

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American Truck Group Sees Private Lending Driving Job Growth For Trucking Industry

GULFPORT, Miss.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–At a time when returns on savings, CDs and bonds alike have dwindled to near zero, American Truck Group’s* private lending opportunity is catching fire. (www.americantruckgroup.com)

“when more people need more food, more bathroom tissue and more toothpaste, more staple goods need to make their way into American homes.”


American Truck Showrooms Wants To Know Why Bernie Sanders Wants Truckers Unemployed

GULFPORT, MS, April 22, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ — American Truck Showrooms (www.AmericanTruckShowrooms.net) Wants To Know Why Bernie Sanders Wants Truckers Unemployed; Light Rail Plan Ill Conceived, Reckless and Fraught with Impossibilities.

American Truck Showrooms www.AmericanTruckShowrooms.net believes that the recent statement by presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, “We could do incredible things… we can build a state-of-the-art rail system, which takes trucks off the road…” is a notion that is ill conceived, reckless, and fraught with many impossibilities, as it pertains to the transportation industry. Whether it is the food we eat, the clothes we wear, or any other household good purchased by the American consumer, all of these products were delivered by one of the nation’s 3.5 million truckers.

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Saving Truckers Across America


National Truck Funding, LLC and American Truck Group, LLC has adopted the approach that in order to keep a customer base profitable for both it and the customer, it must be more proactive than has been standard in the industry. By helping its customers get back on the road faster, it is more likely that the trucker stays a customer. Customer staying in truck will be appreciative of the fast reaction time. It ends up being a win-win.

In the process of expanding approved shops network with adding additional national franchise dealerships for Peterbilt, Kenworth, Volvo, and Freightliner, as well as independent shops, together we are on the road to success.
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New branch in Phoenix for American Truck Group

American Truck Group, LLC opened a new branch in Mesa, Arizona. The launch of this site increases our Showrooms to 3 locations and our diesel garages from 24 bays to now 32. Our commitment to service continues with the expansion to the western US.

American Truck Showrooms Launches New Branch in Arizona
American Truck Showrooms has opened a new office in Mesa, Arizona. Helping truckers with a No Credit Check Program:

  • Yes   5yr Nationwide Unlimited Mileage 50/50 Coverage (50% off parts 50% off labor)
  • Yes   Waived truck payment when truck is being worked on.
  • Down’s Starting at $995. Cash or Trade

MESA, Ariz., Aug. 18, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — American Truck Showrooms has announced the opening of its third dealership location, its first in the American West. The new dealership is located at 1645 N. 46th St., Mesa, AZ. Already having covered the Southeast with locations in Gulfport, MS and Atlanta, GA, American Truck Showrooms plans to make their No Credit Check program available to a new market of drivers in a previously untapped region.
American Truck Showrooms provides certified pre-owned trucks with a “rent to b” option to drivers uyfrom any corner of the United States with no credit check. Rick Carpenter, the general manager of the Phoenix branch, considers the new location a significant strategic step forward: “The location is ideal for the high traffic of trucks using the I-10 Freeway…read more

American Truck Group Sponsors Annual Mississippi Trucking Association’s Truck Driving Championship

GULFPORT, Miss., April 23, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — American Truck Group announced their sponsorship today of the Mississippi Trucking Association’s (MTA) annual Truck Driving Championship.

A tradition that goes back almost 40 years, the championship includes 93 truckers from 16 companies, and is expected to draw around 600 spectators. Steven Boudreaux, MTA’s Director of Safety and Membership Development, says that the competitors are “the best of the best,” drawn from all across Mississippi. The judging panel is made up of highway patrol and Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) officers.

Not limited to driving skill, the competition itself begins at 1 PM on Friday, April 25th with a written test followed by a pre-trip check test. The driving test begins at 8 the next morning, and includes two courses with eight obstacles like diminishing alleys, offset alleys, front stop, and more. The winner will go on to compete in the nationals, held in Pittsburgh this August.

Headquartered in Jackson, MS, the MTA has held the competition on the Mississippi Gulf Coast every year before Hurricane Katrina in 2006, when they were forced to temporarily move to Tupelo while the Coast recovered from the storm’s damage.

American Truck Group is sponsoring the event both to maintain its long-standing relationship with the MTA and in the hopes that events like these can draw more interest in truck driving jobs, an industry hit hard by the recession.

About American Truck Group

American Truck Group believes that truck drivers make up the backbone of the United States economy. With trucks for sale at branches in Gulfport, MS and Atlanta, GA, American Truck Group helps truckers across the country get back to work and back on the road by offering them the opportunity to buy or rent-to-buy their own trucks. American Truck Group understands that people deserve second chances, and focuses on a renter’s work and driving history rather than their credit score. To learn more about American Truck Group, visit AmericanTruckGroup.org or call 877-661-1592.


ATS Promotes Samantha Cook to General Manager


Contact: Tia Mills-Davis

Phone: 1-855-400-4661

Email: tia@americantruckshowrooms.com


GULFPORT, Miss., December 16, 2013 – Hard work pays off, and if you don’t believe me then just ask American Trucks Showrooms General Manager Samantha Cook. (www.americantruckshowroomsatlanta.com).

Cook, born and raised in D’Iberville, MS. graduated from D’Iberville High School and attended Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. She began her career with American Truck Showrooms in 2003 as a Customer Service Representative, and has managed to climb her way up the corporate ladder. In 2010 she became a Customer Liaison, and then in February 2013 she transferred to Atlanta to assist with opening of the new location.

“I’ve prided myself in providing the best customer service care possible. The employees and the truck drivers are my family and I make sure they are treated that way, I absolutely love my job and could never see myself being anywhere else other than where I am at today with American Truck Showrooms,” Cook said.

As the general manager for the American Trucks Showrooms location in Atlanta, Cook has been able to break through the “glass ceiling”.

This trend is becoming increasingly common and in the present day women are filling more roles in industries once dominated by men. General Motors recently appointed Mary Barra as the new Chief Executive Officer after working for GM for 33 years.

American Truck Showrooms (www.americantruckshowrooms.com) is a truck dealership with locations in the Gulf Coast region and the Atlanta area.  The company has developed a special niche in the owner-operator market, offering a “Rent to Buy” program. For many owner-operators, this provides a perfect solution for working toward truck ownership and the start of their own trucking business.


For more information about Samantha Cook or American Truck Showrooms (www.americantruckshowroomsatlanta.com) contact Tia Mills-Davis at tia@americantruckshowrooms.com.


3 Generations of Master Mechanics


March 17, 2014

Contact: Tia Davis

Phone: 1-855-400-4661

Email: tia@americantruckshowrooms.com


Unsurpassed Experience: 3 Generations of Master Mechanics Head the American Truck Showrooms Atlanta Service Department

Newnan, Ga. – American Truck Showrooms Atlanta (www.americantruckshowroomsatlanta.com) recently added 3 generations of Master Mechanics to their team of service department professionals.

Thomas Slay, a first generation Master Mechanic was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Slay’s career started with Bowman Transport in 1969. Prior to joining ATS Atlanta, Slay worked for Cummins Diesel.

Also joining the ATS team alongside of his father is second generation Master Mechanic Christopher Slay. Slay, began working on trucks at a very young age. He would join his father on side jobs and as he got older he chose to work on trucks as his profession.

“Chris was thrilled to go with me and pretend to work, but as he got older it was not pretend any longer, he chose to work on trucks as a profession” said Thomas Slay, Chris’ father.

Third generation Master Mechanic Brandon Slay has been working on trucks for nearly ten years and is very excited to be working with his father and grandfather at American Truck Showrooms Atlanta.

About American Truck Showrooms

American Truck Showrooms (http://americantruckshowrooms.com/)  specializes in certified late model pre-owned Class 8 truck sales. ATS has showroom locations in Gulfport, Mississippi and Newnan, Georgia. The company has developed a special niche in the owner-operator market by offering the American Dream Program. For many owner-operators, this provides an excellent solution for working toward truck ownership and the start of their own trucking business.



Supporting Turtle Cove


Amanda, a Southeastern Louisiana University graduate student of biological science, returns to Turtle Cove to donate funds in honor of her father’s business, American Truck Group, LLC’s contribution to the Environmental Research Station. American Truck Group, LLC is honored to support the educational and community outreach programs provided by Turtle Cove.  Alumni are encouraged to raise awareness and resources for the Turtle Cove Environmental Research Station located in the wetlands on Pass Manchac. The research facility is an actual historical structure built in 1908 on the pass that connects Lakes Pontchartrain and Maurepas in Southeastern Louisiana known as Pass Manchac. Both undergraduate and graduate level students perform professional research and field training there.

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American Truck Showrooms Offers a Worry Free Guarantee

Peace of mind is hard to come by in this day and age. But at American Truck Showrooms peace of mind comes standard with every guaranteed approval. The no credit check approval process offered by American Truck Showrooms is simple and easy.  American Truck Showrooms carries only trusted manufacturers: Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt and Volvo. With a commitment to stand behind its products and services, American Truck Showrooms provides an in house compliance department, an insurance department and any dealership’s location garages exclusively for our customers.

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Guaranteed Approval at American Truck Group, LLC.

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