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Turkey for Tots 2013


Well, today is the last day for the food drive “Turkey for Tots” at the Gulf Coast Dealership! Thanks Dawn for putting it together, Thanksgiving dinner at the Harrison County Children’s Shelter should have plenty of left overs this year! Employees feel free to continue to bring food items throughout the day! Thanks for all of the contributions!


Sponsorship for Convoy for the Kids 2013

Every year, approximately 100 trucks meet at Fonda Fairgrounds in NY to put on a show. It is truly a popular event for the children as well as the trucking and transport community. It is also a great opportunity to promote childhood cancer awareness as all proceeds are donated to the Children’s Miracle Network hospital and other charities.
The event features a truck show, 100+ truck convoy, battle of the big rigs and food and activities for the children. Our company got involved in this event with the help of one of our former customers at American Trucks, now a manager and drivers advocate for our company, Mr. Charlie. Mr. Charlie started this event with a friend of his in 2007 and his has been going strong every year since. It is really nice to be able to do something to help children in need while creating fun and entertainment for children in the community.
We are proud to sponsor this year’s event and support the local community in doing so.
Other sponsors of the event include Walmart Transportation, DeiselBoss.com, Chrome Shop Mafia and many more.
Truck drivers, owner-operators and independents are given the opportunity to strengthen their purpose by giving back to the community.



Do you consider yourself a tech savvy driver? Are you a part of the mobile revolution? Chances are, if you aren’t up to date with the newest apps and resources at your fingertips, you might be left in the dust. Check out 10 must haves CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE TO ARTICLE.

Gulf Coast Initiatives

Our Showrooms on the Gulf Coast features a state of the art, eco-friendly facility and promotes unprecedented ecological efforts to protect the surrounding wetlands. The dealership was built with low environmental impact in mind. Contributions include low energy usage, closed loop truck wash, and a habitat for wildlife.

The Gulf Coast rampant wetland loss is due to many reasons, one of the top being construction and development. This was a primary concern when American Truck Group, LLC was required to relocate alongside the wetlands due to an Interstate expansion project in 2010. The partners agreed to strive for a low environmental impact facility.

Setting precedence with genuine efforts:

More locations Coming soon!
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The Little things that matter

American Dream Program At American Truck Group

Our American Dream Program, “Business Solutions” was adopted to assist drivers with reaching their dream to be their own boss. We know that when a customer contacts us, their dream is to become a self-sufficient business owner and perhaps one day, hold their own transporting enterprise. Reaching this reality is harder than ever with the financial state of the trucking industry.

With the support of our new program, we have many answers for our customer to help plant a firm foundation for building their dream on.  The American Dream Program launched early 2013 and is producing a better experience for our clients with promising returns.

The owner-operator should buy a truck with a business plan in mind. As with any large financial asset, the returns must be anticipated at a realistic degree for success to be measurable. Our commitment to assist with proper preparation covers several areas overlooked by the average owner-operator.  Read more on program details here and stand by for updates and tips offered by this program for any driver out there ready to call themselves “Boss”.

American Truck Group, LLC is recognized for protecting the American owner-operator. Setting a precedence to assist drivers with reaching success, American Truck Group launches a new concept with their American Dream “Business Solutions” Program. A new attitude, a new method, a new path.

American Truck Group, LLC has been recognized for protecting our American drivers.

Freightliner partnered with Cummins Westport to offer the ISX12 G heavy-duty natural gas engine in the Cascadia 113 Day Cab.

Do the advantages of using natural gas outweigh any problems?

By now, most fleets have heard the arguments for – and against – natural gas as a fuel option. While there are operational shortcomings with natural gas – range limitations, weight and fuel tank configurations being the primary issues – the industry as a whole seems to have decided that the advantages of using natural gas outweigh any problems. – Continue reading here.

Wireless Networks Provide Improved Communications for Drivers.

The new generation is bringing about changes to the trucking industry with integration of wireless networks and tracking technology.

PacLease announces the launch of its next generation of PacTrac Fleet Management telematics system. The system  provides increased messaging, an onboard event recorder, and fault code reporting from the vehicle’s engine control module for rental customers. For leasing customers, the new system features an enhanced onboard event recorder for accident reconstruction, as well as unlimited messaging plans and the ability to schedule data downloads from the PacTrac onboard computer as frequently as every 30 minutes.

The accuracy of the fault code reporting has yet to be reviewed by consumers, however a reference is provided for you to read full article here:



American Truck Group Builds “Green” Mississippi Dealership


American Truck Group and its CEO, Louis “Louie” J. Normand Jr., have built a new “green” truck dealership in Gulfport, Miss.

Normand spent many months of planning and testing ideas for heat and air, lighting and washing trucks. He decided on LED truck technology to light the dealership and built an LED panel that is run by banks of 12-volt batteries that are “trickle charged.” The lights will last for years and use considerably less than traditional 110-volt electric. The lights are used throughout the dealership and the panels are also used to light the parking lot.

In the truck wash the LED lights can be run by the 12-volt battery banks, 110 electricity and also …
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Integrated Supply Chain Solutions

Making it a priority to open up opportunities at American Trucks.

American Truck Group, LLC was one of the first Dealerships to realize the importance of the trucking industry demands and how they affect the sales of the semi. Jacobson Transportation Company, know for handling the needs of warehouse customers for shipping products for over 45 years, analyze the available opportunities with American Truck Group, LLC.

Jacobson Companies agreed to assist with down payments for owner-operators into the Program offered by American Trucks.  Read full story here.




Christmas at American Truck Group


American Truck Group had Santa brought in on his sleigh, pulled by his BIG RED RIG (a Volvo 780 decked out with lights). This started as a way to give the boys and girls club a Christmas they wouldn’t forget with a chance to have their pictures made with Santa, to even getting a Christmas present with their name on it pulled from his magical sac, and became a tradition for the Boys and Girls Club on the MS Coast to have something to look forward to at the end of the year.

Continue reading about this special event here.

Stay posted for future Christmas party information.