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American Dream Program At American Truck Group

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American Dream Program At American Truck Group

Our American Dream Program, “Business Solutions” was adopted to assist drivers with reaching their dream to be their own boss. We know that when a customer contacts us, their dream is to become a self-sufficient business owner and perhaps one day, hold their own transporting enterprise. Reaching this reality is harder than ever with the financial state of the trucking industry.

With the support of our new program, we have many answers for our customer to help plant a firm foundation for building their dream on.  The American Dream Program launched early 2013 and is producing a better experience for our clients with promising returns.

The owner-operator should buy a truck with a business plan in mind. As with any large financial asset, the returns must be anticipated at a realistic degree for success to be measurable. Our commitment to assist with proper preparation covers several areas overlooked by the average owner-operator. ┬áRead more on program details here and stand by for updates and tips offered by this program for any driver out there ready to call themselves “Boss”.

American Truck Group, LLC is recognized for protecting the American owner-operator. Setting a precedence to assist drivers with reaching success, American Truck Group launches a new concept with their American Dream “Business Solutions” Program. A new attitude, a new method, a new path.

American Truck Group, LLC has been recognized for protecting our American drivers.

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